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Foldable Rolling Walker

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ABLE LIFE Space Saver Rollator

Product Overview:

    • FOLDABLE COMPACT ROLLATOR: The rollator folds 3 times smaller than average rollators making it portable and easy to store; collapse the 4 wheel walker like an umbrella stroller with the touch of a finger; the included buckle keeps the rollator folded
    • CONVENIENT PERCH SEAT: The 15.5 by 6 inch non-slip travel seat safely supports 250 pounds; the compact seat and back strap offers a place to sit for a quick rest while traveling or at the store; the small profile seat maximizes the rollator portability
    • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: The rollator is pre-assembled and ready to use when you pull it out of the box; the padded handle height can be adjusted from 33 to 36 inches from the floor making the rollator compatible with heights ranging from 5’4″ to 6’2″
    • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Use the 15 pound Space Saver Rollator when traveling, running errands, or getting around the house; the 6-inch wheels provide stability and security when walking inside or outdoors, control your own movement with the rear locking brakes
    • NARROW AND STYLISH DESIGN: When open, the rollator’s compact 26.5 by 23 inch footprint allows you to maneuver through tight hallways, door frames, and bathrooms; when folded, the rollator is self-standing and has a footprint measuring 10 by 11 inches

Product Description:

The Space Saver Rollator from Able Life gives you independence, balance, and support when traveling, running errands, or getting around the house. Our unique and patented design allows the user to safely move along any indoor or outdoor surface with 6-inch wheels and our proprietary braking system. Seamlessly collapse the Space Saver Rollator when not in use with the touch of a finger, folding 3 times smaller than average rollators. With its small folded footprint of 10 by 11 inches and self-standing ability, easily store the rollator away or keep it discreetly by your side when not in use. The narrow design of the rollator allows users to easily maneuver around furniture and through small doorways with its compact 26.5 by 23-inch dimensions. While the average rollator weighs 18 pounds, our 15 pound rollator is lightweight and made out of durable high-grade aircraft aluminum. A convenient padded perch seat is included for quick rests during long walks or busy days. Our four wheel rollator also features a padded back rest and padded handles that are height adjustable from 33 to 36 inches; we recommend adjusting the walker handles to the height of your wrist when your arm is extended down and relaxed by your side. Make your rollator your own with our stylish and contemporary color options and available add-on accessories.